World Tourism Events 

Happiness Tourism in the time of COVID-19

Virtual Event

Paul Roger, Australia December 2 : 2.30 pm HST | 4.30 pm PST | 7.30 pm EST | DEC 3: 12.30 am London |  6.00pm Delhi | 7.30 am Bangkok | 9.30 am Tokyo | 11.30 am Sydney   Click here to Register  

The Israeli outbound market

Virtual Event

The Israeli outbound market its unique characteristics and huge potential in post lockdown tourism I  will make an effort to create inspiration and optimism through raising issues that will be relevant to the global audience. December 2 : 9.00 pm HST | 11.00 pm PST | DEC 3: 2.00 amEST | 7.00 am London |  […]

Social Media workshop for Travel Brands

Virtual Event

by Abdul Sacoor, UK In this new hands on, workshop we will go through a simple process that will enable to grow your following on Tiktok and Instagram, attract new clients and define what is the ideal next-step for you to get started as a travel brand with a solid Tiktok and Instagram presence. December […]

Seychelles Tourism: Embracing the new Industry Paradigm

Presented by Sherin Francis, CEO Seychelles Tourism Board December 3 : 6.45 pm HST | 8.45pm  PST | 11.45  pm EST | DEC 4:  04.45 am London |  10.15 am Delhi | 11.45 am Bangkok | 1.45 pm Tokyo | 3.45 am Sydney   Click here to register

Flyers Rights

Virtual Event

Paul Hudson, Washington DC   December 4 : 09.00am HST | 11.00am  PST | 2.00  pm EST | 07.00pm London | DEC 05: 12.30 am Delhi | 02.00 am Bangkok | 4.00 pm Tokyo | 6.00 am Sydney Click here to register

AfCFTA’s Launch and the Implications for Africa’s Tourism Development

AfCFTA's Launch in January 2021 and the Implications for Africa's Tourism Development. By Abigel Olagbaye, Nigeria Ambassador Nigeria for African Tourism Board December 6 : 09.15 pm HST | 11.15 pm  PST | 2.15  pm EST DEC 7: | 07.15 am London | 12.45 pm Delhi | 02.15 pm Bangkok | 4.15 pm Tokyo | 5.15 […]

Solutions for Vulnerable Communities: Interactive Virtual Travel Experiences

Virtual Event

Robin Richman, Steppin Out, Chicago, IL, USA The people I've selected are all part of community-based tourism and I was going to have them talk about the communities and what is going on with them since there are few tourists visiting, how COVID has effected them and how the interactive travel experiences will help their […]

My Beautiful Africa

Virtual Event

Panel My Beautiful Africa by Clara Okoro:  Tourism Technology Summit, Nigeria  Reconceptualizing tourism as just one among many possible development options is likely to result in a more direct comparison of tourism to other development options. With the adoption of technology as a tool, regions can upgrade their competitiveness in drawing tourism traffic to their […]

Peace Through Tourism

Virtual Event

Peace through Tourism Meet Louis d'Amore, president and founder He will bring his team from around the world for a panel discussion on Peace Through Tourism. December 8 : 4.30 pm HST | 6.30 pm PST  9.30 pm EST |  09 DEC: 2.30 am London |   8.00 am Delhi | 9.30 am Bangkok |11.30 am […]

Zimbabwe Africa Paradise Presentation

by  Arvind Nayer, Vintage Travel And Vintage Tour December 8 : 9.45 pm HST |  11.40 pm PST DEC 9: 2.45 am EST |  07.45 am London |  1.15 pm Delhi | 2.45 pm Bangkok | 4.45 pm Tokyo | 6.45 pm Sydney Click here to register

World Tourism Network Launch Part 1: 09 DEC 6.00pm UTC

Virtual Event

World Tourism Network launch party: Welcome from WTN Founders Presentation from selected tourism leaders Introduction of WTN initiatives Introduction of chapters Introduction of initiatives Panels and presentations 09 DECEMBER 1.00 pm EST | 6.00pm LON | 7.00pm FRA | 8.00pm IST/JNB | 10.00pm DXB Click here to register

World Tourism Network Launch Part 2: 10 DEC 9.00 am UTC

Virtual Event

Welcome from WTN Founders Presentation from selected tourism leaders Introduction of WTN initiatives Introduction of chapters Introduction of initiatives Panels and presentations   09/ 10 DECEMBER, 2020 December 9 at 11.00 pm HST |  December 10: 1.00 am PST | 4.00 m EST | DEC 10: 9.00 am London | 2.30 pm Delhi | 4.00 […]

Bangladesh with the new Normal

Presenting the Authentic Insight on travel after the Covid by Syed Ghulam Qadir Adventure Escape Asia

THE BALKAN REGION: The future for tourism

Virtual Event

Panel moderated by  Aleksandra Gardasevic-Slavuljica, MBA, AGS Marketing Consulting, Podgorica, Montenegro, and president of the WTN BALKAN chapter. December 11 : 10.30 am HST |  12.30 pm PST |  3.30pm EST  | 08.30 pm London |  12 DEC:  2.00 am Delhi |  3.30 am Bangkok | 5.30 am Tokyo | 7.30 am Sydney Click here to register

Discover Saudi Arabia

Virtual Event

Saudi Arabia is opening for tourism and opportunities are enormous. WTN Board member Raed Habbis from Baseera Conferences and Exhibition will share. His Royal Highness Dr. Abdulaziz Bin Naser Al Saud , Charman of the World Tourism Network Saudi Chapter will lead this discussion.

My Beautiful Africa : Smart Tourism

Virtual Event

Africa : Smart Tourism by Clara Okoro, Nigeria Digital transformation remains an essential agenda item for travel and hospitality leaders, despite the level of disruption currently faced by the industry. With demands for instant gratification, together with expectations from travelers and guests continually evolving, companies are finding that integrating digital experiences into all areas of […]

Latin Trails: Reopen Ecuador and Galapagos 

Virtual Event

by Marcel Perkins, Ecuador: We are building protocols and experience at this tome to promote and reopen Ecuador and Galapagos as a destination. We have found resilience in authentic travel experiences, community engagement and good business practices. We want to share the beauty of our destination, but also talk about what has worked for us […]

Courtyard by Marriott Hotel Re-defined

Virtual Event

The presentation will entail the look and feel of the re-defined hospitality at Courtyard by Marriott in Burlington/Oakville, ON Canada. We represent an important sector of our economy and are looking forward to welcoming Skålleagues and guests from around the world when the time comes. December 15 : 11.30 am HST | 1.30 pm PST  […]

AI chatbots as a crisis solution in hospitality

Virtual Event

by Elitza Stoilova, Umni, Bulgaria Sharing a PPP presentation on the AI chatbots as solution and their usage in hotels, by travel agencies, restaurants, spa and other hospitality businesses to automate customer service, boost sales and ensure customers are provided with safe self-service solution.  December 15 : 9.45 pm HST |  11.45 pm PST |  […]

Tourism Recovery Task Force Nepal

Tourism Recovery Task Force Asia Restarting tourism- regional collaboration: Panelist from India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Bhutan. December 15 : 11.00 pm HST | DEC 16  1.00am PST  | 4.00 am EST |   9.00am  London | 2.30 pm Delhi |2:45 pm KTM |  | 4.00 pm Bangkok | 6.00pm  Tokyo | 8.00 pm Sydney […]

Situation of Marine Ecotourism in Brazil

BRAZIL WALE by Jose Truda Palazzo, Jr Bahia, Brazil Wednesday,December 16 : 10.30 am HST |  12.30pm PST  | 3.30 pm EST | 5.30pm Brazil|   8.30pm London Thursday, December 17:  2.00 am Delhi | 2.15 am KTM | 3.30 am Bangkok | 5.30 am  Tokyo | 7.30 am Sydney

Climate Friendly Travel

Virtual Event

Panel by Prof. Geoffrey Lipman , SunX, Belgium & Malta Professor Geoffrey Lipman President of SUNx Malta, former IATA Executive Director,  UNWTO Assistant Secretary-General and first WTTC President. Discusses Climate Friendly Travel with Dr Susanne Becken Professor of Sustainable Tourism at Griffith University in Australia, the Principal Science Investment Advisor (Visitor) in the Department of […]

Aviation Challenges

Virtual Event

Vijay Poonoosamy: Aviation Challenges Panel Representing QI Group in Singapore, former VP for Etihad Airways. Head of the Aviation Group for WTN. December 16 : 9.00 pm HST | 11.00 pm PST |  DEC 17:  2.00 am EST |  7.00 am London |12.30 pm Delhi | 2.00 pm Bangkok | 4.00 pm Tokyo | 6.00 pm […]

International Recovery through local regeneration

Virtual Event

A panel led by Benjamin Carey FTS with Ahmed Yehia, Nada Raphael and Séverine Obertelli, exploring through case studies from around the Mediterranean and beyond how a focus on local innovation and regeneration can contribute to the sustainable recovery of international tourism. Thursday, December 17: 09.00 am HST |  11.00am PST | 2.00 pm EST | 7.00 pm London | Friday, December 18: […]

Boomer Women Travel

Virtual Event

The underserved and misunderstood niche Panel by Phyllis Stoller, ECPS Consulting Corp./The Women's Travel Group December 17 : 02.30 pm HST |  4.30 pm PST | 7.30pm EST DEC 18: |  12.30 am London |   6.00 am Delhi |  7.30 am Bangkok | 9.30 am Tokyo | 11.30 am Sydney click here to register

The importance of implementing inclusive sustainability for business recovery post-pandemic and beyond

Virtual Event

by Sneshka Richter, Greenheart Consulting, UK  Will attend with my colleague from Croatia who is Director of a regional Tourism Office in North West Croatia. We will include 2 short presentations involving the importance of implementing inclusive sustainability for business recovery post-pandemic and beyond. We will demonstrate positive examples from one region in Croatia including […]

Inclusive Sustainability, Education & Emotional Wellbeing

Virtual Event

Inclusive Sustainability, Education & Emotional Wellbeing Supporting Business Resilience Post Pandemic Panel discussion with Sneshka Richter, Greenheart Consulting, UK Thursday, December 17: 09.45 pm HST |  11.45pm PST | Friday, December 18: |  1.45  am PST|  07.45 am London |   1.15 pm Delhi |  2.45 pm Bangkok | 4.45 pm Tokyo | 06.45pm Sydney Click here to […]

Dark Sky Portugal

Virtual Event

by Apolónia Rodrigues, Dark Sky Association, Portugal   December 18 : 8.00 am HST |  10.00 am  PST |  1.00 pm EST |  06.00 pm London |  11.30 pm Delhi | DEC 19: 1.00 am Bangkok | 3.00 am Tokyo | 5.00 am Sydney   click here to register

The Healthiest Spot on Earth, Dead Sea, Jordan

Virtual Event

by Mona Naffa, Hotel Trust, Jordan  Friday, December 18 : 09.30 am HST |  11.30 am PST | 2.30pm EST  |  07.30 pm London |  Saturday, December 19:  1.00 am Delhi |  2.30 am Bangkok | 4.30 am Tokyo | 6.30 am Sydney click here to register   

The consciousness of Community Tourism:

Virtual Event

The Pathway to Tourism Development in Africa. Panel by Kali Africa Media Monday, December 21: 09.45 pm HST |  11.45 pm PST Tuesday, December 22: 2.45 am EST  |  07.45 am London | 1.15 pm Delhi |  2.45 pm Bangkok | 4.45 pm Tokyo | 6.45 pm Sydney Click here to register

The Situation in the UK with COVID-19 and the Travel Industry

Meet Tom Jenkins, CEO of the European Tour Operator Association. Q&A on the current situation in the United Kingdom and isolation due to a rapid spread of COVID-19 What is next for travel and tourism? Click here to register  Monday 21 DEC 2020  11.00 pm Hawaii Tuesday 22 DEC  1.00 am San Francisco 4.00 am […]

Peace Through Tourism: What is next?

Virtual Event

The founder of the International Institute for Peace Through Tourism (IIPT) is discussing a way forward with an international panel of experts. Tuesday, December 29 : 8.00 am HST |  10.00 am PST | 1.00 pm EST |  06.00 pm London |11.30 pm Delhi Wednesday, December 30: 1,00 am Bangkok | 3.00 am Tokyo | […]

What is Next for Malaysia Tourism?

Virtual Event

by WTN Malaysia Chapter Malaysia intro plus latest video TM Panel intro Rudolf Herrmann – Governor WTN Malaysia Sook Ling Yap – Asian Overland Services DMC Badaruddin Mohamed – USM Tourism Presanth Chandra – TIN Media & MICE Jane Rai – Heritage Tour Guide with virtual options Sam Liew – VP-PR WTN Malaysia Skal ? […]

The Role of Tour Guides Worldwide

Virtual Event

A panel discussion by WTN Hero Maricar Donato of Washington Tours & Events. Maricar is  a member of  Destination DC.and a certified tour guide herself and a brand ambassador for the World Federation of Tourist Guides Association WFTGA. Wednesday, December 30 : 10.00 am HST |  12.00 pm PST | 3.00 pm EST |  08.00 pm […]

Is cruising necessary? Q&A with Global Cruise Activist Network President

Virtual Event

Karla  Hart is the founding Director Global Cruise Activist Network in Alaska. She will join Dr. Elinor Garely, eTurboNews New York in an interview and a Q&A by WTN members and eTN readers. Karla Hart, President, Global Cruise Activist Network (GCAN) Founding Member, Juneau CAN Rethink Tourism The cruise industry has had and continues to […]

US Presidential inauguration: Party with the Tour Guides

Virtual Event

This US Presidential inauguration this year is going to be unlike any other. No parades, balls, or big parties—but that is not any reason to miss out. Tourist Guides who are always on hand to welcome visitors to this historic event have decided that you don't have to miss out either. Our Washington DC tourist […]

Brainstorming sessions for the WTN Aviation Group | First Session 20 Jan 2021

Virtual Event

According to WTTC more than 174m million travel and tourism jobs have been lost globally and global GDP lost more than $4.7 trillion from travel and tourism in 2020. Governments have so far supported the airlines with US$173 billion but for IATA airlines have debts in excess of $651 billion and lost 118.5 billion USD […]

Brainstorming sessions for the WTN Aviation Group | Second Session 22 Jan 2021

Virtual Event

According to WTTC more than 174m million travel and tourism jobs have been lost globally and global GDP lost more than $4.7 trillion from travel and tourism in 2020. Governments have so far supported the airlines with US$173 billion but for IATA airlines have debts in excess of $651 billion and lost 118.5 billion USD […]

ETOA Britain and Ireland Marketplace (BIM)

Virtual Event

The event, now in its 13th manifestation, brings together British and Irish suppliers with the main product buyers, with clients from across the world. Interested participants can register to attend here.   Last year’s event in January 2020 effected over 4000 appointments. This year, ETOA and UKInbound are concentrating all their UK commercial networking on […]

WTM Sao Paulo: A Brave move by Reed to restart global trade shows

Virtual Event

World Travel Market in Sao Paulo Brazil is moving forward from August 3-5. This is a brave step by Reed Expo. Hear from Simon Mayle – Exhibition Director at WTM Latin America Click here to register Tuesday 09 FEB 2021 10.15 am Hawaii 11.15 am Alaska 12.15 pm California | BC 1.15 pm Denver 2.15 […]

Wine Taxation Without Representation from Tourism or Tourists

Virtual Event

by Dr. Elinor Garely, eTN New York and  Taxes on products we love and want are never popular. When it comes to increasing wine prices because of a tax, we are likely to become livid. Perhaps the imported wine industry became a tariff target during the last administration because the fellow who resided in […]

You got a bad version of the virus. What to expect Q&A

Meet Cuthbert Ncube, chairman of the African Tourism Board. He is currently recovering from a serious version of the Coronavirus. Fighting for his life he managed to beat the deadly enemy and is now on a path of recovery. He lost his voice when fighting COVID-19, but is now ready to ask questions and share […]

International Tourist Guide Day 2021

Virtual Event

Contributors to Rural Tourism through Creative Story Telling

Join tour guides from around the world for this fun event!

St. Kitts reopening for Tourism Coronafree: Q&A with the leaders

Meet the CEO of St. Kitts Tourism or the Minister of tourism with leaders of the travel and tourism industry The Caribbean Island St. Kitts managed to stay away from COVID-19 and is open for tourism/ A Q&A on how St Kitts is succeeding. Click here to register Tuesday, 16 FEB 2021 10.30 am HST […]

People are dying in Texas due to cold: What happened?

Virtual Event

Steve Vincent is a retired electrical engineer in Texas. He will be discussing what brought Texas into the current deadly situation. Moderated by Dr. Peter Tarlow Click here to register 4.15pm Hawaii 6.15 pm PST 7.15 pm MST 8.15 pm CST 9.15 pm EST | Jamaica 10.15 pm Puerto RIco 11.15 pm Argentina | Brazil […]

Champagne is the Answer. COVID-19 Stimulus

Virtual Event

Panel by Dr Elinor Garely Click here to register    Blaine Ashley, Founder, New York Champagne Week There have been times over this past year when chocolate and martinis were not the answer; however, there has never been a problem that a glass of Champagne could not solve. Nature Enhanced The art and science of […]

Rebuilding Travel : One year into the discussion

On March 5, 2020 the rebuilding travel discussion was launched in Berlin, Germany. Hear from tourism leaders from around the world on what happened and what is to be expected. Click here to register Add NewFriday, March 5, 2021 08.00 am Hawaii 09.00 am Alaska 10.00 am California, BC 11.00 am Colorado 12.00 pm Illinois, […]

Brand /Customer Loyal or Lazy and/or in a Rut?

Virtual Event

Do you always make reservations at a Marriott, fly on Delta, spend holidays in Bermuda (at the same hotel) and drink Coke while chomping on a Big Mac? If you are buying the same products/services – all the time, corporations are likely to identify you as a loyal customer. The question is – are you […]

Pure Air Control Services Discussion on Hotels and Resorts

Indoor Air Quality and Environmental Safety, Making Buildings Safe During the Pandemic, and Air Purification Technology as it relates to Hotels and Resorts as well as Consumer Confidence. Click here to register Presented by Alan Wozniak Friday, February 26: 9.30 am Hawaii 10.30 am Alaska 11.30 am PST| BC   California 12.30 pm MST | Colorado […]

Wedding and Honeymoon Tourism: Rethink, Reimagine, and Revive.

Join the discussion with Nancy Barkley  World Tourism Network Interest Group Click here to register  Newly launched Wedding and Honeymoon Interest Group to support one another by navigating new ideas, sharing information, and finding new ways to collectively bring the wedding and honeymoon tourism industry back stronger in this new reality. Destination weddings and honeymoons […]

African Tourism Board Meet and Greet

Virtual Event

Meet new members, catch up with old members. A fun and open discussion for Africa. Sunday, 28 February 2021 07.00 am Hawaii 08.00 am Alaska 09.00 am California 10.00 pm Denver 11.00 am Chicago | Texas 12.00 pm EST New York | Toronto | Jamaica 1.00 pm San Juan 2.00 pm Argentina | Brazil 5.00 […]