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WTTC Summit Cancun Livestream April 26-27

eTN will Livestream relevant sessions of the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC( Summit on April 26 and April 27
Members of the World Tourism Network (WTN) can post questions and comments on the WTN Whats App and Linkedin Group.

Monday, April 27

09.45 – 10.05       Opening Ceremony

  • Christopher J. Nassetta, (Confirmed) Chair, World Travel & Tourism Council and President & Chief Executive Officer, Hilton
  • Carlos Manuel Joaquin Gonzalez, (Confirmed) Governor of Quintana Roo

10.15 – 11.20       SESSION 1 – THE BIG PICTURE

10.15 – 10.55       Panel: COVID-19, From Start to Present, moderated by WTTC Ambassador Kathleen Matthews.

In the span of a few months in the first part of 2020, the world shifted. COVID-19 has caused incredible tragedy, while altering our way of life dramatically. The Travel & Tourism sector has been tremendously impacted. Seemingly overnight, hundreds of countries halted international travel. In 2020, 197 million Travel & Tourism jobs were lost and $5.5 trillion in global GDP. Yet our sector has remained steadfast in the face of adversity. With the Coronavirus front and center, what has the sector learned from previous crises, how far have we come, and what can we do to recover as swiftly as possible from this crisis?

  • Arnold Donald, President & Chief Executive Officer, Carnival Corporation
  • Greg O’Hara, Founder and Managing Partner, Certares
  • Reyes Maroto, Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism of Spain
  • José Reynoso del Valle, Executive Vice-President and Chief Revenue Officer, Telmex
  • Matthew Upchurch, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Virtuoso

10.55 – 11.20       Flash Learnings: From Impact to Recovery

Leaders will share their experiences, insights and learnings in addressing COVID-19 and accelerating the recovery of their segment or industry.

  • Keynote 1: Keith Barr, Chief Executive Officer, InterContinental Hotels Group
  • Keynote 2: Ariane Gorin, President, Business Services, Expedia

11.20– 12.05        Strategic Insight Sessions in Parallel

Reshaping a Shared Future: The North American Story
Moderated by Armie Weissmann

While states and nations in North America undertook very different crisis response strategies, the region was consistent in its sharp focus to stabilise local economies, support business continuity, and preserve employment. Generating over US$240 billion in visitor spend in 2019, the region is a prime destination. In fact, Canada, Mexico and the United States ranked in the top 15 countries in terms of Travel & Tourism contribution to GDP. As we look back to move forward, what lessons have North American nations learned and how are these reshaping the future of Travel & Tourism in the region?

  • Alex Zozaya, Chairman, Apple Leisure Group
  • J.D. O’Hara, Chief Executive Officer, Internova Travel Group
  • Robin Tauck, Co-Owner, Tauck Inc; Chairman, Tourism Cares USA
  • Fred Dixon, President & Chief Executive Officer, NYC & Company
  • Greg Webb, Chief Executive Officer, Travelport

Tales from the East: Asia-Pacific’s Path to Recovery and Beyond
Moderated by Aradhana Khowala, CEO Aptamind Partners

Over the last decade, the Asia-Pacific region has been a driver of Travel & Tourism growth, accounting for 34% of total outbound Travel & Tourism spend in 2019. This growth was put to a sudden halt due to COVID-19, resulting in prolonged international border closures and the loss of over 70 million Travel & Tourism jobs in Asia-Pacific in 2020. As the region first affected by the pandemic, the sector has had to remain agile in its crisis response but rigid in its dedication to maintaining public health, business continuity and jobs. What lessons can the Asia-Pacific region share with the world and what must be done to once again become a driver of Travel & Tourism growth?

  • Pansy Ho (Confirmed), Co-Chairperson and an Executive Director, MGM China Holdings Limited
  • Tadashi Fujita, Director, Japan Airlines
  • James Liang, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, Trip.com Group
  • Bernadette Romulo-Puyat, Secretary of Tourism of the Philippines
  • Puneet ChhatwalManaging Director/CEO, Indian Hotels Co. Ltd.

Map to the Future: Accelerating the European Recovery
Moderated by Ros Atkins (BBC)

Europe has long been a top destination globally, leading international visitor spending, with US$619 billion spent in 2019 alone. Like most other regions, Europe’s Travel & Tourism sector has been devastated by COVID-19, with numerous countries imposing travel restrictions, leading to the loss of almost 20 million jobs in 2020. While domestic and regional travel began picking up in the summer, second waves shook early signs of recovery and raised alarm bells. How can the European experience with COVID-19 be of value to the rest world, and what needs to be done to further accelerate the recovery of the sector and rebuild for the future?

  • Caroline Leboucher (Confirmed), Chief Executive Officer, Atout France – France Tourism Development Agency
  • Friedrich Joussen (Confirmed), Chief Executive Officer, TUI Group
  • Nigel Huddleston MP (Confirmed), Minister of Tourism of the United Kingdom
  • Roberto Martinoli (Confirmed), President & Chief Executive Officer, Silversea Cruise
  • Robin Ingle (Confirmed), Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Ingle International

Shifting Gears for Recovery: Rebuilding Travel & Tourism in Latin America
Moderated by: Arturo Sarukhan (Confirmed), President, Sarukhan + Associates

As COVID-19 swept through Latin America, it destroyed almost 10 million jobs in its wake. The closure of international borders to protect public health has been devastating to the sector and made its 2019 GDP contribution of almost US$ 300 billion, a goal for recovery rather than a marker on its path to future growth. What strategies and policies are being implemented or need to be enacted to recover the millions of jobs destroyed and the US$110 billion GDP lost to establish a more resilient, sustainable and inclusive sector?

  • Martin Zanone (Confirmed), Managing Director, Eurotur
  • Hugo Desenzani (Confirmed), Chief Executive Officer, Libertador Hotels, Resorts & Spas
  • Gordon Wilson (Confirmed), President, WorldReach Software
  • Julián Guerrero Orozco (Confirmed), Vice Minister of Tourism of Colombia

Flash Learnings: From Impact to Recovery

Leaders will share their experiences, insights and learnings in addressing COVID-19 and accelerating the recovery from creating a contactless experience and air corridors to enhancing health & safety protocols.

  • Richard Fain (Confirmed), Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.

Hotseat: Testing, Until a Vaccine
Moderated by Peter Greenberg

There is a need to ensure sufficient and swift testing capacity for COVID-19, not only to minimise the spread of the virus, before a vaccine is widely available, but also because it is a prerequisite for travellers to feel safe and comfortable. What is needed to ensure we have an appropriate quantity of tests readily available at an affordable price with high accuracy and an acceptable turnaround time? When might a vaccine become widely available?

  • Harry Theocharis , Minister of Tourism of Greece

Panel: Rebuilding Traveller Confidence in the Wake of COVID-19
Moderated by Arnie Weissmann

While the widespread availability of a vaccine will be a gamechanger for Travel & Tourism; interim solutions that enable people to live and travel prior to a vaccine will be key. While certain groups remain hesitant to travel, the majority is still fuelled by wanderlust, with 83% of global travellers planning to travel before a vaccine becomes available. From transparency and authenticity to coordination, communication, technology and protocols, how is the Travel & Tourism sector rebuilding traveller confidence in the wake of COVID-19?

  • Marian Muro, Director General, Turisme de Barcelona
  • Enrique Ybarra, Founder, President & Chief Executive Officer, City Sightseeing Worldwide
  • Claudia Cornejo, Minister of Foreign Trade & Tourism of Peru
  • Gibran Chapur, Executive Vice President, Palace Resorts
  • Daniel Richards, Chief Executive Officer & Founder, Global Rescue

14.20- 14.35 Hotseat: The Traveller of the Future
Moderated by Glenda McNeal, President Enterprise Strategic Partnerships, American Express

Travel is the out-of-home activity which Americans have missed the most. Yet travellers’ attitudes and expectations may have shifted during COVID-19.  As we work to revitalise the Travel & Tourism sector, how have travellers’ trends, desires, and demands shifted? Will travel be viewed differently? As we work to restore traveller confidence, how must we adapt to enable the sector to thrive once again?

  • Brian Chesky (Confirmed), Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Airbnb

Strategic Insight Sessions in Parallel

Travel in the Fast Lane: Safe & Seamless Travel
Moderated by Peter Greenberg

With 45% of passengers ready to discard their paper passports and use biometric identification instead, it is clear that digital identity and biometric identification will become increasingly important. This will be combined with an acceleration of innovations in health & safety, ranging from thermal imagining to electrostatic sprays. As the sector redoubles its efforts to provide a safe and seamless traveller experience to rebuild traveller confidence, how will it respond to new health requirements and integrate testing ahead of a vaccine, while moving towards a contactless traveller journey?

  • Sean Donohue, Chief Executive Officer, Dallas Fort Worth International Airport
  • Kelly Craighead, President & Chief Executive Officer, CLIA
  • Miguel Leitmann, Group Chief Executive Officer, Vision-Box
  • Jose Ricardo Botelho, Chief Executive Officer & Executive Director, ALTA

Distant Lands, Familiar Processes: The Harmonisation of Health & Safety Protocols
Moderated by Chris Ship

Following lockdowns and the rise of remote work, travellers are more eager than ever to discover new countries or rediscover familiar ones, with 79% of people claiming they were more likely to visit their dream destination once restrictions were lifted. What’s more 69% of travellers cite cleanliness and health and safety measures as a critical component to rebuild confidence. How have health and safety measures been adapted and how have they helped the recovery?

  • Kim Day, Chief Executive Officer, Denver International Airport
  • Ronella Tjin Asjoe-Croes (Confirmed), Chief Executive Officer, Tourism Authority of Aruba
  • David Lavorel, Chief Executive Officer, Airports and Borders, SITA
  • Ted Balestreri, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Cannery Row Company
  • Andrea Grisdale , Chief Executive Officer and Sole Founder, IC Bellagio

From Turmoil to Transformation: Protecting our Workforce & Recovering 100 Million Jobs
Moderated by Richard Quest, CNN

As arrivals stopped abruptly in early 2020, the fuel for the growth of Travel & Tourism halted and the sector struggled to protect its workforce. While the sector’s agility and governmental policies provided much-needed lifeline, more will be needed to recover 100 million jobs destroyed globally. As a sector that is all about people, what should the sector do to protect the millions of livelihoods that rely on the sector and bring back those who lost their jobs?

  • Shirley Tan, Chief Executive Officer, Rajawali Property Group
  • Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne, Minister of State for Tourism, French Nationals Abroad and Francophonie of France
  • Mark Hoplamazian, President & Chief Executive Officer, Hyatt Hotels Corporation
  • Paul Griffiths, Chief Executive Officer, Dubai Airports International

Reboot, Adapt, and Thrive: The Path to Recovery for Destinations
Moderated by Jacqueline Gifford

The desire to stay close to home and travel domestically or regionally in 2020 was fuelled by the comfort of the familiar and the fear of getting infected or quarantined in a distant destination. Research revealed that 86% of recent air travellers were somewhat or very worried about being quarantined while travelling. As we look to the future, how can the sector capitalise on the resurgence of domestic and regional travel; and how can it ultimately accelerate the return to international travel, which is key to the sector’s recovery?

  • Caroline Beteta, President & Chief Executive Officer, Visit California
  • Gilda Perez-Alvarado, Global Chief Executive Officer, JLL Hotels & Hospitality
  • Rob Torres, Managing Director, Travel, Google
  • Muzzammil Ahussain, Executive Vice-President, Consumer Travel, Seera
  • Christopher Thompson, President & Chief Executive Officer, Brand USA

Keynote: The G20 in Action

An unprecedented crisis requires unprecedented action and collaboration.  This is evident in the coordinated actions the G20 has taken in the face of COVID-19. What has been accomplished under the Kingdom’s leadership of the G20 and what more needs to be done to enable the sector’s recovery?

Ahmed Aqil Al Khateeb (Confirmed), Minister of Tourism, Saudi Arabia

16.10-16.55: Panel: Recovering 100 Million Jobs
Moderated by: Aradhana Khowala (Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Aptamind Partners

The private sector cannot accelerate recovery and bring back 100 million jobs alone; public-private collaboration is essential. Key principles from international coordination to reopen borders and aligning health & hygiene standards to the implementation of international testing protocols and the promotion of travel; must be adopted.  As the sector works hand in hand to achieve full recovery, what learnings have been gained and what more needs to be done to achieve full recovery?

  • Craig Smith (Confirmed), Group President, International, Marriott International
  • Luis Felipe de Oliveira, Director General, Airports Council International (ACI) World
  • Isabel Hill, Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary and Director, National Travel and Tourism Office; U.S. Department of Commerce
  • Luis Felipe de Oliveira, Director General, Airports Council International (ACI) World

1:1: Transitioning from Crisis to Sensation
Facilitated by: Gloria Guevara (Confirmed), President & Chief Executive Officer, World Travel & Tourism Council

This one-on-one interview with former President and 2016 Nobel Peace Prize Winner Juan Manuel Santos will explore his resolute efforts to achieve peace reconciliation and justice in Colombia and the incredible transformation of its Travel & Tourism sector. How did Colombia transition from what was effectively a geopolitical crisis and a lagging tourism hub into a leading global destination in a nation prioritising sustainability and development?

  • Juan Manuel Santos, President of Colombia (2010 – 2018)

Tuesday, 27 April, 2021

Keynote: The Impactful Future of Travel & Tourism

Travel & Tourism has always been a sector for the people, by the people. It meaningfully changes the lives of the people and communities it touches. It not only creates jobs; but reduces poverty and inequality and enriches communities both economically and socially. As we look to the future, how can we further protect and engage vulnerable groups and communities, while fostering innovation and preserving ecosystems; ultimately having tremendous social impact and making a lasting difference.

09.10 – 10.05       In Depth: Empowering our Women and our Youth

This one-on-one interview will focus on the personal experience of an inspiring leader, who has and continues to play an important role in pushing our youth to reach higher and empowering girls and women to learn and thrive in their education, their careers and their lives.

10.05 – 10.25       Flash Learnings: Making a Lasting Impact

Leaders will share their insights and learnings in addressing issues from accessibility and inclusion to mental health experiences, and how to plan to elevate these in the wake of COVID-19?

  • Kike Sarasola, Founder & President, Room Mate Group
  • Darrell Wade (Confirmed), Chairman, Intrepid Group

11.10 – 11.35       Hotseat: Going Green

Three leaders discuss how the Travel & Tourism sector is becoming increasingly sustainable and how they can help to shift traveller behaviour using technology.

  • Ivan Eskildsen, Minister of Tourism of Panama
  • Sabina Fluxa Thienemann, Vice Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Iberostar
  • Holger Blankenstein, Executive Vice President Airline Commercial and Operations, Volaris

11.35 – 12.20       Panel: Sustainability through Social Responsibility

More than ever before, we dream of discovering the world and its natural wonders. Yet to ensure our planet’s long-term sustainability, we must all play our part.  While Travel & Tourism has made great progress, we must move further and faster, working together to take action to address the threats on our communities and environment, from climate change, plastics, and wildlife preservation to human trafficking. What should the sector concretely do to accelerate the sustainability agenda so as to preserve people and our wildlife and ecosystems? And what can we do collectively to help stimulate new traveler behaviors?

  • Norma Elena Negrete Aguayo, Chief Executive Officer, ECPAT Mexico
  • Geoffrey Kent, Founder and Co-Chairman, Abercrombie & Kent
  • Rita Marques, Secretary of State of Tourism of Portugal
  • Raki Robert Phillips, Chief Executive Officer, Ras Al Khaimah Tourism Development Authority
  • Luis García Codrón, Chief Executive Officer, Europamundo Vacaciones

12.20 – 12:35       Hotseat: Remote Work, Normalised

Like many other sectors, Travel & Tourism experienced a rapid increase in remote working, a trend here to stay thanks to enabling technologies. With 74% of companies across sectors planning to make at least 5% of their workforce remote, and 23% expecting to make at least 20% of their workforce permanently remote, the future of work will undoubtedly change.  As issues from remote working and reskilling to wellbeing come to the forefront, what are the implications for the future of work in Travel & Tourism and how can technologies best enable and support the sector?

Facilitated by: Gloria Guevara (Confirmed), President & Chief Executive Officer, World Travel & Tourism Council

12.35 – 13.20       Panel: The State View

With states and cities taking an increasingly important role on the global stage, what is the role of states in enabling their destinations grow sustainably and inclusively and ensuring the sector can reach its social impact potential?

  • Mauricio Vila Dosal, Governor of the State of Yucatán
  • Joy Jibrilu, Director General, Ministry of Tourism of the Bahamas
  • Roger Dow, President & Chief Executive Officer, U.S. Travel Association

13.20 – 14.05       Panel: Looking to a Sustainable & Inclusive Future
Moderated by: Kathleen Matthews, WTTC Ambassador

While people’s desire to travel has not subsided, travellers remain wary of crowds and may look for new areas to vacation to, with smaller and more remote destinations growing in popularity. This will require swift action for destination readiness, both to protect local communities and to ensure the safety of travellers. As we look to an even more sustainable and inclusive future, how can destinations around the world continue to build back better?

  • Aileen Clemente (Confirmed), Chairman & President, Rajah Travel Corporation
  • Brett Tollman (Confirmed), Chief Executive, The Travel Corporation
  • Flavia Santoro (Confirmed), Chief Executive Officer, ProColombia
  • Antonio Jimenez (Confirmed), Managing Director, Turismo de Sevilla

14.05-14.30 Closing Ceremony

  • Miguel Torruco (Confirmed), Secretary of Tourism of Mexico
    2021 Fall Host
  • Christopher J. Nassetta, (Confirmed), Chair WTTC, CEO Hilton
  • Gloria Guevara (Confirmed), President & Chief Executive Officer, World Travel & Tourism Council
April 26 2021


Start: April 26 @ 2:00 pm
End: April 27 @ 5:00 pm
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