St. Kitts reopening for Tourism Coronafree: Q&A with the leaders

Meet the CEO of St. Kitts Tourism or the Minister of tourism with leaders of the travel and tourism industry The Caribbean Island St. Kitts managed to stay away from COVID-19 and is open for tourism/ A Q&A on how St Kitts is succeeding. Click here to register Tuesday, 16 FEB 2021 10.30 am HST […]

People are dying in Texas due to cold: What happened?


Steve Vincent is a retired electrical engineer in Texas. He will be discussing what brought Texas into the current deadly situation. Moderated by Dr. Peter Tarlow Click here to register 4.15pm Hawaii 6.15 pm PST 7.15 pm MST 8.15 pm CST 9.15 pm EST | Jamaica 10.15 pm Puerto RIco 11.15 pm Argentina | Brazil […]

Champagne is the Answer. COVID-19 Stimulus

Panel by Dr Elinor Garely Click here to register    Blaine Ashley, Founder, New York Champagne Week There have been times over this past year when chocolate and martinis were not the answer; however, there has never been a problem that a glass of Champagne could not solve. Nature Enhanced The art and science of […]

Brand /Customer Loyal or Lazy and/or in a Rut?

Do you always make reservations at a Marriott, fly on Delta, spend holidays in Bermuda (at the same hotel) and drink Coke while chomping on a Big Mac? If you are buying the same products/services – all the time, corporations are likely to identify you as a loyal customer. The question is – are you […]

Pure Air Control Services Discussion on Hotels and Resorts

Indoor Air Quality and Environmental Safety, Making Buildings Safe During the Pandemic, and Air Purification Technology as it relates to Hotels and Resorts as well as Consumer Confidence. Click here to register Presented by Alan Wozniak Friday, February 26: 9.30 am Hawaii 10.30 am Alaska 11.30 am PST| BC   California 12.30 pm MST | Colorado […]

Wedding and Honeymoon Tourism: Rethink, Reimagine, and Revive.

Join the discussion with Nancy Barkley  World Tourism Network Interest Group Click here to register  Newly launched Wedding and Honeymoon Interest Group to support one another by navigating new ideas, sharing information, and finding new ways to collectively bring the wedding and honeymoon tourism industry back stronger in this new reality. Destination weddings and honeymoons […]

Rebuilding travel: One year! What is next

On March 5, 2020 the rebuilding travel discussion was launched in Berlin, Germany. Hear from tourism leaders from around the world on what happened and what is to be expected. Click here to register Thursday, March 4, 2021 09.00 pm Hawaii 10.00 pm Alaska 11.00 pm California, BC Friday, March 5, 2021 12.00 am Colorado […]

One Year Rebuilding Travel Discussion

On March 5, 2020 the rebuilding travel discussion was launched in Berlin, Germany. Hear from tourism leaders from around the world on what happened and what is to be expected. Click here to register Friday, March 5, 2021 08.00 am Hawaii 09.00 am Alaska 10.00 am California, BC 11.00 am Colorado 12.00 pm Illinois, Texas, […]


All of us in the travel industry aim to have a high impact. We want customers to love the places we show them, and more than that, we want them to leave with lots of happy memories that they will share as stories every time they think back on their experiences. In other words, we […]

Escaped from East Germany: An eyewitness report by Holger Timmreck

Holger Timmreck grew up in a small town Duerrrorsdorf close to Dresden in the German Democratic Republic, known as East Germany. He tried to escape to West Germany, known as the Federal Republic of Germany in 1980, was arrested and spent 2 years in a maximum-security prison in East Germany before the West German government […]

Financial Assistance for COVID-19 by TUI Care Foundation

Together with Enpact  the TUI Care Foundation is supporting 150 innovative entrepreneurial teams in the tourism sector from emerging and developing countries with mentoring and financial assistance. The program is part of the Empowering Entrepreneurship Initiative and will help with crisis management strategies, protecting jobs and building sustainable local economic development. Find more information click […]

Is Hawaii Tourism Back?

Panel discussion with tourism leaders in Hawaii. A Q&A to find out where Hawaii Tourism stands, who should visit, and what is new. Meet Pattie V. Herman VP Marketing & Product Development Hawaii Tourism Authority Before joining the State Agency in charge of Tourism, Pattie had leading positions in sales and marketing at Hawaii based […]

A glass of sherry: Dr. Elinor Garely interviews Cesar Saldana (cancelled)

A glass of sherry is likely to be exactly the beverage we need at this very moment; however, it is unlikely to be the first choice when the bartender asks for our drink order. While sherry is a bar menu staple, it is burdened by a less than sterling persona as it carries the image […]

Cherry Blossoms are the Gifts that keep on giving

They bloom and inspire happiness and renewal.. Out of the dark of winter emerges ephemeral spring.   The warm sun and rain have brought out the iconic cherry trees in their beautiful blooms -- The Pandemic has cut the tourism industry, but tourist guides are resilient and find inspiration in the natural things around them. Join us […]

Visit Britain: Latest Plans for 2021

On April 12, the UK's Government's Global Travel Taskforce will report on their recommendations for reopening the UK to international travel. Following this report, VisitBritain will use this interview to share an update on our recent work and plans for 2021. Further information about the Global Travel Taskforce is available at Q&A with Gavin […]

St. Vincent Tourism Update after the Volcano Eruption

Tessa Davy of Breeze Travel in St. Vincent will share her eyewitness report and update about the current state of the travel and tourism industry on this Caribbean Island after the volcanic eruption. This is relative to the ongoing volcanic eruptions on the Island since last Friday, 9 April. Breeze Travel is affiliated with a […]

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